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Surge Absorber

Style Series DC Spark-over voltage Standard Applications
For Power Lines Lead Type DA53 Surge-Absorber-1_03 700-7,800V UL/CSA/EN SW power supply, Inverter power supply, Power supply of office and home appliance
DA38 Surge-Absorber-1_06 1,000-6,200V UL/CSA/EN
DSA Surge-Absorber-1_08 300-7,500V UL/CSA/EN
DB60 Surge-Absorber-1_11 2,700-4,500V UL/EN
Combination Type DSAHR Surge-Absorber-1_15 500-800V -
DSANR Surge-Absorber-1_19 500-4,500V UL/EN
DSAZR Surge-Absorber-1_23 500-4,500V UL/CSA/EN
For Communications Lines Lead Type DE37 Surge-Absorber-2_03 300-4,500V UL/EN/ITU-T (400V) FAX, Modem Telephon etc..
DSS Surge-Absorber-2_06 200-3,000V UL/CSA/EN
Chip Type CDA70 Surge-Absorber-2_08 3,000V UL/EN
CSA70 Surge-Absorber-2_09 300-600V UL/ITU-T (400V)
For ESD Lead Type DSP Surge-Absorber-2_11 140-3,000V - Antenna, CRT display, Monitor TV etc
Chip Type CSA30 Surge-Absorber-2_26 140-400V IEC61000-4-2 Car navigation, Car audio etc..
CSA20 Surge-Absorber-2_19 140-400V IEC61000-4-2
CSA10 Surge-Absorber-2_22 140V IEC61000-4-2
CSZ30 Surge-Absorber-2_26 200V ISO10605 Automotive ECU
CSZ20 Surge-Absorber-2_19 200V ISO10605
Others For Switch Board DLSP Surge-Absorber-2_31 - - Control box, etc
Ring Varistor DRV Surge-Absorber-2_34 13-55V - Spark elimination and noise protection of various compact DC motors