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SourceCom Technology is a proud distributor of the following brands.

NTC Thermistor and Thermistor Sensor

Temperature sensors made in japan. Guarantee of reliability and durability product.

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Resettable Fuses, PTC Thermistor, PTC Variable Resister, Variable Resitance PTC Thermistor, Variable Resistor, Current Limiter

FUZETEC TM are a world leading Taiwanese designer and manufacturer of resettable fuses. FUZETEC TM offers a wide variety of Polymeric PTC resettable fuses with the most advanced Positive Temperature Coefficient (PTC) conductive polymer technologies.

Chip Antenna and Surge Absorber

Download Specification: Surge Absorber
Download Specification: Chip Antenna

Others: Micro Switches, Water Proof Switches, Rotary Switches, Tact Switches, Fuse & Holder